Allowing Users to Change their Office 365 Details



  • Dan B

    Jeff -  in order to make this article a little bit more "Foolproof" instructions to use the API "Microsoft Graph" of type "Application" would help. Obviously most people will figure it out from the screenshot, but it would be a small improvement anyway.

    i.e.: 5. Go to API Permissions and click "add a permission"

    6. Choose Microsoft Graph from the list of API's

    7. Pick the API type of "Application"

    8. Then search for the term User and check the box next to "User.ReadWrite.All"

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  • Stuart Crane

    If the users are Azure AD synced, remember that the settings will be overwritten if there is no user write back on the license. I think...

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  • Ben Filippelli

    Since we are the CSP and only have the app registration in our own tenant, will this work if we just make the change in our tenant? or should i go and setup each client individually with the app registration?




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  • Jeff

    CloudRadial uses your delegated credentials so once you connect a client, that app will have the rights to make the changes on client accounts.

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